Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's about time

I've had a few complaints that my blog has not been updated in eons...which is true. We have been caught up in projects these last 6 months, and it's only about to get worse.

The kids are doing amazing! Tate just started 4th grade yesterday and is on the team for North Davis Gymnastics. He loves it! Béya started 1st grade and was most excited about getting to eat lunch at school. She was really upset that her new teacher didn't give them homework yesterday. I don't know what planet she came from! Dax is 4 now and really sad that Tate and Béya are gone all day now. He shed a few tears this morning when they were getting on the bus. Boe is 1!!!! I wish I could say that he is walking and talking to please my family, but he does neither. I think I kind of like it this way though.

We are in the middle of remodeling the house we bought in March...I wish it would be finished a little faster, but good things take time. At least that's what Josh keeps telling me.

I realized after looking back at old posts that I should keep blogging. I want my kids to have the memories I forget to write in their journals. Since I never write in their journals! Thanks to all of you who have pestered me to start this again! Love you all!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Princess Béya turns 6!

WOW! I cannot believe 6 years have past since our little princess was born. She has grown into an amazing little girl. I never thought I would ever be so blessed to have a little girl like her. She's a finger suckin', pouty lip, sport, animal, family, baby, brother and fun lovin' pretty little blue eyed girl! Get ready bloggers here come the photos!

It's 2009! The post of 5 million photos!

I have to back track a bit. This is the latest addition to our family. Drake, what can I say he is a cutie! My cousin Ceara had him a whole month early. This is her first babe and she is turning out to be an amazing mom. I knew you had it in you! As you can see our boys already love eachother, ok, maybe Boe alittle more than Drake! Boe loves to pull (I call it showing his love) on Drake whatever part he can get ahold of..see how happy they are together?!

Who wants Milk?

This is what happens in our house when you spend to much time smelling the food and not enough time eating it...Tate picked all of the topping off of his pizza and sat there smelling the sauce (he's not a big fan of pizza sauce). I'm not a big fan of kids who don't eat. I thought to myself, if he is going to waste it anyways, lets have some fun. So, while he had his nose down in the pizza smelling it, well you get the idea.

He thought it was hilarious...I hope I didn't start a bad habit.

Two of my handsome men. Is Dax a mini Josh or what!

This year (2009) began rough, but it is sure to get better! The holidays were great minus illness that ran wild through our home. We wish we could have talked with and seen more friends and family last year...but this year will be different. Josh and I are trying to get our priorities straight this year. That is our one and only goal. It's pretty big and I think it will take more than a year to get right, but it's our goal none the less.

For the out of state family and friends here's the Holiday photos!

Tate has finally agreed to let me cut his hair tonight...Thaaaaaaank You!

He really does have arms...
Did you know Santa can come in through a Gas Fireplace???
It was a Christmas miracle... My mom and Travis woke US up at 7:30am! That was 4 hours after the kids woke us up to see if they could open presents yet! We actually sort of got to sleep in. I guess them all being sick kind of helped too.
I never said these would be pretty pictures.
His life is now complete!
And so is hers!And his too!
Cute Baby Boe's First Christmas! I do have to brag a minute...I made Béya's pj's this year and they actually turned out! Yes, it was a Christmas full of miracles.
Now the family Christmas dinner..Can I just say we have some of the most handsome boys in our family! This is my cousin Jared and his new little nephew Drake. Sorry ladies, he's taken. Look how sweet he is with a baby too!
Beya entertained us with her beautiful piano.
Jared being sweet with his mom. Really he's trying to steal the baby back.
We are horrible, we didn't get the camera out until everyone was starting to leave, so this is the only shot we found of grandma and uncle Larry(in the background). There's Ceara and Jared admiring his new Christmas present the beloved G1 (or something like that, he'll correct me if I'm wrong).
I think this might be the only photo I have of my brother Travis and I together, at least since my wedding. Boy I need to start working out.
More of the Boys!