Monday, January 25, 2010

Time for the 6 month + update!

I'm being lectured by my family to start blogging again...funny since when I was blogging before I had complaints that it took too much time. Maybe it was loading the five million pics on each post.

The lastest adventure in the family has been Tate's gymnastic meets. He's doing great and loving it. He was so excited at the last meet to take first on the rings for his age! And then 3rd all around!

Front extension


pommel swing

He has been working really hard on his toe points, too bad they don't look like this all of the time!

Béya toothless!

Boe in the bath. Obviously, a private little boy by the look he's giving me!

I've been practicing with my Christmas gift... A new camera. Yahoo!!!  Now I just need a year of classes to know how to really use it. HOpefully over time the photos will become better looking!