Monday, January 5, 2009

Princess Béya turns 6!

WOW! I cannot believe 6 years have past since our little princess was born. She has grown into an amazing little girl. I never thought I would ever be so blessed to have a little girl like her. She's a finger suckin', pouty lip, sport, animal, family, baby, brother and fun lovin' pretty little blue eyed girl! Get ready bloggers here come the photos!


bradnlisa said...

She sure is cute! I love that she sucked her two fingers! I see more and more kids doing that now!

Tucker and Kira said...

I love love love these pictures! Shs IS a beautiful girl...even with the fingers! Happy Birthday Beya, We love you!!

Kristin said...

Your family continues to get cuter and cuter! What the.... you had another one!? Did I not teach you anything?

Happy Birthday to Béya! All of your kids are gorgeous. Sickening, just sickening.

Miss you!! If you're ever in Texass, come play!!

Are you on Facebook? If not, get on it. It's fun to find people. Tons of TA people too.

Hope you're all over your sickness -it ran rampant at our house too. Blechk!

Happy New Year - it was great to hear from you. You have my email now, and all my info, so keep in touch! I'm adding your blog to my links.

Love you!

Camilla said...

Ahh, I love it when people post a montage of pictures on kids' birthdays. It is so fun to see how they grow! It is just icing on the cake that she is such a beautiful girl.

jodi said...

I love seeing her when she was little. I had no idea that she was a finger sucker. She is sweet.

Momma H. said...

She is a cutie -- Linda sent you down a keeper!!
Lots of Love from Aunt Beth